A friend recommended the show Outlander to me because it’s set in the Scottish Highlands, where I visited for a week earlier this year. And I thought, this will be nice to see some of that beautiful scenery again. Beautiful scenery indeed! It also reminded me of how full of shit I can be because I have said several times over the years, and believed it, that I am not really attracted to blue eyed British Empire-of-sorts looking men. And yet in my personal life, that’s all I’ve been involved with in the past few years (and enjoyed it!) and now this man. Turns out, I’m actually heavily attracted to them. Who knew?

Is it wrong to wish for a strong Scottish wind to blow that kilt up a bit? I mean, praying might be a little wrong, but a wish is ok, right?

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I’ll confess, there are times I questioned the wisdom of getting a degree in literature; seems like I should have been studying programming or auto repair or something useful. But my heart would leap at the beauty of words and I’ll be poorer all my life for it, but happier.

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